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Tissuehime main
in Ouzoku BAND
Name(s): Tissue Hime (ティッシュ姫); Kokumaromiruku (こくまろみるく, username)
Gender: Male
Instruments: Bass
Status: Active
Affiliations: Ouzoku BAND, Ball Doll Symphony, Starline Union
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A sample cover by Tissue Hime, "God Knows...".

Tissue Hime (ティッシュ姫) is a bassist, who has a reputation of being very good in playing the guitar.

Tissue Hime is also a crossdresser, and commonly refers to his gender as "princess" (女臣, the kanji of hime split up). He likes to wear feminine clothes, and in his videos, he usually cosplays Nagato Yuki. He mostly plays, sitting on her bed, with a pack of tissues next to her.

He uses a ATELIER Z (MZ-CTS), a Fender USA ('62 JAZZ BASS) and on his cover of "Dear", he used 3 5-string ATELIER Z guitars, that are made customly. He also uses SONY (MDR-CD900S) headphones.


This playlist is up-to-date and complete. Most recent upload: July 29, 2012.
  1. "Hare Hare Yukai" Nico (2007.10.27)
  2. "God Knows..." Nico (2007.11.02)
  3. "TRUTH" Nico feat. Tissue Hime (b), TEST (g), Kaizokuou (g) (2007.11.16)
  4. "GO MY WAY!!" Nico (2007.11.30)
  5. "Mezase Pokemonster" Nico (2007.12.22)
  6. "Keikenchi Joushouchuu" Nico (2008.01.06)
  7. "Koi no Minor Densetsu" Nico (2008.01.23)
  8. "UFO" Nico (2008.01.31)
  9. "Melt" Nico (2008.02.14)
  10. "Kira ☆ Kira" Nico (2008.02.29)
  11. "Koi wa Sensou" Nico (2008.03.07)
  12. "Triangular" Nico (2008.04.20)
  13. "Seikan Hikou" Nico (2008.07.08)
  14. "Junpaku Sanctuary" Nico (2008.08.04)
  15. "World is Mine" Nico (2008.08.14)
  16. "Dear" Nico (2008.10.19)
  17. "NEW SONG" Nico (Original) feat. Tissue Hime (b), prkr (g) and Hatsune Miku (vo) (2008.12.22)
  18. "Roshin Yuukai" Nico (2009.02.17)
  19. "Kurumi☆Poncho" Nico (2010.04.09)
  20. "Gothic Holic Vampire" Nico (crossfade) feat. BabyDollSymphony (2010.12.25)
  21. "S・K・Y" Nico (2011.02.17)
  22. "Zankyou Echo" Nico (crossfade) feat. BabyDollSymphony (2011.04.21)
  23. "Alice in Underland" Nico (crossfade) feat. BabyDollSymphony (2011.10.24)
  24. "THE CODE OF ALCHEMY II" Nico (crossfade) feat. BabyDollSymphony (2011.12.27)
  25. "Kubikiri Queen" Nico (Original) feat. BabyDollSymphony (2012.07.20)
  26. "Tengaku" Nico feat. BabyDollSymphony (2012.07.26)
  27. "Scarlet" Nico (Original) feat. BabyDollSymphony (2012.07.29)


For BabyDollSymphony albums, see here.


Tissuehime starlineunion
Taken from the Starline Union website
Tissuehime cosplay
cosplaying as Nagato
Tissuehime sit
with his ATELIER Z bass
Tissuehime tissue
with a pack of tissues


  • He says on his blog that his gender is "女臣", which is the kanji "hime" (姫) meaning princess, split in two other kanji. "女" means female.[1]
  • He is born on December 01.[1]
  • He has type A blood.[1]


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