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Shobon main
as seen on the [MINT] website
Name(s): Shobon (ショボン) Cat mario
Gender: Male
Instruments: Drums
Status: Inactive 2008-2011
Affiliations: RaiM, MINT, Nikugaikotsu
Links:   Nnd  Mylist  Mylist  Nicommu  Mixi  Mixi  Mixi

A sample cover by Shobon, "Cantarella".
Feat. MINT

Shobon (ショボン) is a white kitten. He was active in the unit RaiM as a drummer. He is also active in the band MINT.

Additionally he can play the bass.

He uses DW 8000, DW 9002PC, PEARL P-2002B Pedals; PAISTE, SABIAN, ZILDJIAN Cymbals and a YAMAHA Rock Tour custom drum set and a YAMAHA Bachi custom・Absolute drum set (12"13"14"15"22"), as well as a LUDWIG LM400T, LUDWIG LM412, CANOPUS S-1450PH-CH, PEARL UCA1450/B snare.


  1. "Shobon Night 1" Nico (2008.07.26)
  2. "Shobon Night 2" Nico (2008.07.30)
  3. "Shobon Night 3" Nico (2008.08.07)
  4. "Shobon Night 4" Nico (2008.08.15)
  5. "Shobon Night 5" Nico (2008.08.17)
  6. "Shobon Night 6" Nico (2008.08.29)
  7. "Shobon News" Nico (2008.09.18)
  8. Shobon Night 7" Nico (2008.09.26)
  9. "Shobon Night Shizen Hen" Nico (2008.10.11)
  10. "Shobon Night 8" Nico (2008.11.17)
  11. "Shobon Night 8" Nico (2008.12.13)
  12. "Shobon Night 9" Nico (2009.01.23)
  13. "Overture 1928 (Dream Theater)" Nico feat. Shobon (d) and Nikugaikotsu (2009.01.26)
  14. "Shobon Night 10" Nico (2009.04.10)
  15. "Shobon Night 111" Nico (2009.05.01)
  16. "Don't say Lazy" Nico -Band Edition- feat. Shobon (d), zim (g), TEST (g), Tissue Hime (b), Akai Ryuusei (pf), Piko (vo) and Sekihan (2009.06.19)
  17. "Cantarella" Nico feat. Shobon (d), Akai Ryuusei,(pf) [TEST]] (g), -nim- (MINT) (2009.08.08)
  18. "Bokura Big Bridge Saigu da" Nico feat. Shobon (d), Irojiro (b), Akai Ryuusei (sy, g) Nike (g), and MAX Tsukasa (tp) (2009.11.11)
  19. "IKZO Fassaku Medley" Nico (2009.11.11)
  20. "Lupin 3sei no Theme" Nico feat. MINT (2010.04.10)
  21. "Kibou no Senritsu" Nico feat. RaiM (2010.06.29)
  22. "Metropolis no Bass" Nico (2010.07.30)
  23. "universe" Nico feat. Mint (crossfade) (2010.10.28)
  24. "Mozaik Role" Nico feat. Shobon (d), Kaizokuou (g), Shito (Choris) (b) and Gero (vo) (2011.03.10)
  25. "Azusa 2 Gou" Nico feat. Shobon (d), -nim- (b), Iberikobutamaro (pf), Akai Ryuusei (k), Suga Shikao (g), TEST (g), J (vn, vo) and Re: (vo) (2011.04.05)
  26. "Touhou Bakuon Jazz 2 Medley" Nico feat. Shobon (d), Akai Ryuusei (p), MAX Tsukasa (tp), Aoi Setsuna (b), Kuro Samurai (d), Muta (sx), TEST (g) and Yama Ishimoto Kaoru (sx) (2011.08.07)


For MINT albums, see here.


Shobon nico
Shobon's nico icon

The Members of MINT, taken from their Website



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