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• 1/4/2014

Content validation

How can we check that our changes are correct (considering what information the artist wishes, and does not wish to reveal) without consulting TOO much with the administrator on minor details?

I'm guessing the Utaite or Vocaloid wiki might have better resources on wiki conduct. Perhaps it can be linked directly to this wiki?

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• 1/7/2014

I don't quite get what you mean. I suppose you mean which informations the artist wants to be revealed and whatnot?

I think the important thing is to cite information. When the artist him/herself stated something, I don't see any point in not mentioning it, unless he/she stated not to reveal so (E.g. something like "please don't reveal by real name" etc.)

So as a rule of thumb as long as one can prove the source and as long as it's a "public" source, it's fine to include. Exceptions may arise. Also as far as I know that's how it's handled on the Utaite wiki.

• 1/8/2014

Yes, one concern I have is about checking what information the artist wants revealed. If I were to cite anywere, it would probably just be youtube. Unfortunately I mostly go to youtube for my viewing, but I guess those reprints might not always be with the artists consent. I haven't really been much around niconico douga, and haven't ever followed specific artist's channels there.

If an artist has a youtube channel, can I assume those videos are all "public"?

• 1/8/2014

And with cite information I meant linking to where the artist him/herself stated. e.g. on blog/account profiles or tweets.

I'm not quite sure what kind of information you'd like to cite on YouTube?

If the artist doesn't want unauthorized reprints, we shouldn't link to them on YouTube either. And if the artist himself has an official account, I guess it's pretty safe to link to them.

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